Michi-no-eki KAMU

Kamu is a Michi-no-eki of Nishiokoppe.It is located in Kamiokoppe village. The shop and cafe are in KAMU.You can buy local speciality of Nishiokoppe and eat something.

Holiday:Every Tuesday, new yaer holidais(31st December-5th January)
OPEN:9:00am - 5:00pm
(You can use restrooms 24 hours)
Adress:37 aza kamiokoppe nishiokoppe village

Gimmik Organ

This Gimmik Organ is the only one in Japan.It is a small orchestra.The 58 dolls pray beautiful music once a 30 minutes.

Flower park

The flower park is in KAMU.Theare are 400 kinds of flowers!Children also enjoy the 50 yard long slide here!

OPEN: April -October 9:00am-5:00pm
Holiday:Every Tuesday
PRICE:100 yen
photo of Kamu

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