Holidays and Festivals:Spring

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April  Entrance Ceremonies

Nishiokoppe Junior High School.
The school year starts in April, after spring break. Each school holds an entrance ceremony to mark the beginning of the school year.

May Kodomonohi – Boy’s Day, May 5

Carp streamers.
For Boy’s Day, carp streamers are flown. The top two carp represent the parents, the lower carp represent the sons in the family. Because carp are powerful swimmers, they represent the desire that sons grow to be strong and persistent. Special samurai dolls are displayed in homes with boys, also as symbols of strength, courage and persistence. Presents are given to boys on this holiday and certain traditional foods are eaten. Families usually do something fun for children on this day, a national holiday.

May Cherry Blossoms

Japanese look forward to the blossoming of the cherry trees each spring, and enjoy their beauty very much. Cherry trees blossom in May in northern Hokkaido.

May School Sports Festivals

Spring sports festivals are a tradition in Japanese schools. Races, games and other events are held. In Nishiokoppe, students from preschool through middle school participate in the sports festival at the end of May. The Kamiokoppe festival is held in May and includes participants from the home for the mentally disabled. In the schools, a lot of preparation takes place for this festival.

May School Sports Festivals

The Kamiokoppe elementary school students have a car pushing relay race.

May School Sports Festivals
May School Sports Festivals

The elementary school students perform as a marching band on a beautiful spring day.

May School Sports Festivals.

A good kickball game.

Villagers enjoy planting flowers in the roadside gardens.

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